What Has The Great Crisis Taught Us So Far?

August 20, 2009

greatdepressionmotherAt a time when our government should be punishing abusers of the public trust they instead covet them, taking them under their wing rewarding them for bad behavior and telling the voting public that such ill-gotten rewards, bailouts as we now know them, are in the best interest of the people. Well the people aren’t buying it. No publicly owned company that lost all its investor’s money deserves one dime in the way of bonuses – especially when that bonus is had by stealing it from the very people whose money was lost.

So what have we learned from the Great Crisis so far?

We learned that banks can give away money for bonuses whether it’s earned, borrowed, or stolen from taxpayers and shareholders with no repercussion.

We learned that banks are no longer accountable for irresponsible risk taking on behalf of depositors.

We learned profits generated on the backs of “depositor money” are retained by the banks whereas losses are pushed off onto the public through taxpayer bailouts.

We learned that our Government and the Fed believe debt levels are nothing more than a means to THEIR end.

We learned that the posture is to support the stock market and banks at ANY and ALL costs regardless of the ramifications such interference causes in the natural cleansing that unfettered (the previous and now extinct) “free market” was to provide.

We learned that an inept broadcast media where square-jawed men and dreamy women who articulate watered-down messages soothing to the public ear are our worst enemy!!! – as it is they have absconded free thinking in the name of manufactured opinion at the behest of the very corporations fused with our government.

Or maybe we haven’t learned anything at all. Maybe we’re just caught in a vicious cycle of never-ending debacles, bubbles, and cover-ups that will last in perpetuity. Given our track record I think we’re doomed to repeat this same crap over and over again, right up until the day there’s no hiding the truth any more – the truth that we’re all screwed, we have no control over anything, and that this whole crisis is simply an engineered redistribution of wealth from the bottom up.

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davetong September 2, 2009 at 1:58 pm

And what would we do without your wonderful phrase

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