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I launched to warn people about the impending crisis. I have done the videos, written the articles, and provided a "2010 survivial guide" and "Free trading rules" all at no cost and with not even the need to enter one's email address or sign up for a thing. Everything you see here is my best effort to help as many people as I can stay out of harm’s way with what is usually the #2 area of importance in one’s life, hopefully, behind health - - their money.

This objective was important enough to me that I chose to wind down ALL of my securities licenses; (Series 7) Registered Rep, (Series 24) Registered Principal , (Series 4) ROP- Registered Options Principal, and (Series 64) RIA – Registered Investment Advisor. Oddly rendering these licenses inactive enabled me MORE flexibility with respect to talking openly without legal or reglatory entanglements. I suggest that, including me (please feel free) you should run a "CRD" report (check with FINRA or NASD) on anyone that you do any money dealings with or take advise from to see if there has been any disciplinary actions taken by regulators or if they have in fact been banned from the industry which seems to be around par for the course of the people offering “trading advice” or services.

If you have never watched any of the YouTube videos - - I can not censor myself when it comes to discussing The Fed, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, AIG bonuses, or Wall Street as a whole so consider yourself forewarned regards profanity, also the imagery is NOT mainstream popular, so IF these thing upset you then simply just read the text and empirical proof. If you don’t like the “vibe” of the site, its the content that is at issue. There are LOTS of people in media/CNBC etc. that “claim” they did or said this or the Jim Cramer’s of world, but me I am a fan of PROOF:

It is a verifiable FACT that I was published in Barron’s – - calling the absolute top of the “Dot Com bubble” in August 2000.

It is a verifiable FACT I was buying gold in 2000 – at $280 and recommending to my clients to purchase the physical gold as I was doing with at least 20% of their net worth.

It is a verifiable FACT that I was way ahead of Peter Schiff, Nouriel Roubini and Marc Faber with respect to calling the “Debt bubble” - - see my thesis I suggested and became debt free in 2003.

It is a verifiable FACT I called the GM and Fannie Mae’s bankruptcies long before the problems were even on the radar and with those stocks still trading in the $40 and $70 ranges respectively.

It is a verifiable FACT that I am on record warning that the 80 million Baby-Boomers that they would realise the EXACT problem they face today: basically a loss of a large part of their retirement savings at the exact same time rates would be so low that it (whats left of savings) would be not earning anywhere near what would be necessary to fend off inflation or anywhere near the 6,7,8% yields the models the finacial advisors were assuring them would be available.

For a bit of personal insight, I have the luxury of being able to read incessantly. From Ayn Rand to Fyodor Dostoyevsky, from Nassim Taleb (The Black Swan) to Ian Ayers (Super Crunchers), I have read (it is March 2010 as I type these words) 62 books, mostly non-fiction, thus far in 2010. I spend more time on the subject of neuroeconomics, human behavior in relation to trading, math, and physics than anyone I am aware of. I feel that if its testable – - Ill test it. My ability to spend time on R&D should largely capitalise on the changes that will become more evident as the concept of “investing” shifts further from the previous Buffett type ”buy a company” – -hasn’t worked in over a decade! to the REAL Quant type “make money” off hard work!

I encourage you to email me suggestion, questions or comments. I cant make promises as to the timeline of responses, but I will answer…

About G. Simmons
Gregory Alan Simmons is founder and the creative force behind Scope Labs, an Algorithmic Trading and Research Project. Few if any can match Mr. Simmons empirical documented record of picking markets trends and sounding alarms before disaster strikes.

Over the last twenty years while being a "Prop trader" using options and derivatives, he has managed hundreds of millions of dollars acting as lead derivative strategist for numerous financial institutions and is well published in financial periodicals (see "Empirical evidence") predicting many events would in fact unfold as they have - - see 2003 thesis.

Acting as managing Director and/or Senior Management/trader with firms such as John Hancock Insurance owned Sutro and Co., Mitchum, Jones & Templeton, and Roth Capital (formally Cruttenden & Roth), his opinion developed into a commodity of it’s own.

In 2003 he moved to Hawaii from California to retire feeling that with the forthcoming drop in the VIX and the troublesome "list" of "market negatives" that he compiled (see 2003 thesis on web page under Empirical Evidence tab) that there was no meaningful edge to continue trading. After a 2 year break he put forth a greater effort in using applied mathematics and randomized testing. These experimental trading models - - with the evolution of increased platform speed and improvement in chip speed - - allowed for greater "data mining" abilities and testing. Launching Scope Labs, LLC. with multiple "labs" in different time-zones offering triple redundancy for data integrity and storage of "scrubbed" and "unmolested data" has to date proven profitable in the current uncharted global depression.

Scope Labs will continue to turn terabytes of data points into realized profits using NON-Wall street-computer programmers, mathematicians - specializing in statistical inference, professional game theorists-"poker players" and robotic engineers for the independent verification of the systems in an effort to greater understand the causal links or "causality" to maximize the most favorable periods or SPL Stable Paredo Levy distributions and add to the systems that have proven their "robustness" in relationship to bet sizing. The goal of using a version of the "Kelly criterion" - - currently leaning towards 50% of the "Kelly formula" which provides 3/4 of the upside with only 50% of volitility - - or possible "Optimal F" should further enhance the system performance.

As a final/additional goal it is also Scope Labs' desire to try and create a truly transparent and hopefully more sterile REAL containable risk model vs. the proven faulty theory of MPT "Modern Portfolio Theory" used by the Banks, Hedge funds, brokers, insurance companies, Government backed agencies and Government sponsered agencies to destroy trillions of US dollars thru the combination of a bad theory, worse math, croney capitalism and corruption.


February 25, 2009

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the actual definition of "investing" it appears if you are blind, deaf and dumb you qualify!!! It literally says that you are to take financial "risk" with "hope” as a strategy and do zero "work" with regards to effort...
February 13, 2009
Granted, I have NEVER heard of him all my life, but what he SAYS is amazing to extent that he just throw hands in air and says he wanted some discontent lady ...
February 11, 2009
Since I have SCREAMED to anyone that knows me that - - " its ALL FAKE and has ALWAYS been FAKE "- - the "stock market"...
January 22, 2009

Inasmuch as I don't have TV and have never actually registered to vote I did hear we have a new president ...
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